Have you been thinking about becoming a Beautycounter Consultant? If spreading awareness about safer beauty is something you are passionate about, becoming a Consultant is an amazing way to get involved! I know you probably have a lot of questions (I know I did!) so let me break it down for you. 

The Consultant enrollment fee is $85. This cost includes your personal website, and various business trainings and tools to help you get started with your business.You also have the option to purchase deeply discounted product bundles. These bundles are only available at the time you enroll, so many people choose to overhaul all their products at once. I opted to get three different collections when I signed up and replaced all of my skincare (I purchased the Charcoal collection for acne, Counter time to focus on anti-aging, and the Countermarch collection to keep my skin hydrated!) I also got several different makeup items, including the Volumizing mascara and bronzer! 


As a Consultant, you get a 25% off discount! I was honestly most excited about this when I enrolled!


There are no monthly minimums or inventory to deal with. Rather than have monthly minimums, there is instead a 6-month minimum of 1250. This takes any pressure off of you and if you don’t make this, you simply become a member after those 6 months are up. No loss or penalty. You don’t have to deal with inventory. Customers simply shop through your link and their items are shipped directly from Beautycounter. 


How you manage your business is completely up to you. It can be more a a side income while you focus on other things (such as building a nutrition business like me!) or it can become a full-time job! 


If you are interested in building a business online, Beautycounter can be a great source of income while you work on other areas of your business. As an added bonus, if you join my team you will have access to three online courses created by one of my mentors, Andrea Nordling. She is the best! I’ve personally gone through all of these courses and can say they have helped me tremendously. Not only with building my Beautycounter business, but also with growing a social media following and building my future Nutrition business.

  1. Rock Your Beautycounter Biz
  2. Take Charge with Trello
  3. Build Your Direct Sales Biz Online


If you’re currently and NTP or going through one of the NTA programs currently (like me!), it’s a great time to start with Beautycounter and create a side stream of income before you get your certification! 



A supportive group of amazing ladies to help you through the process!


If anything I’ve said here interests you, please feel free to reach out. Let’s chat! You have nothing to lose! Whether you want to become a consultant and see where it goes, or you really want to make a business out of Beautycounter, I’m here to answer your questions! If you choose to join my team, I’ll be here to support you!